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Research Tips: Public Safety Grants Consulting

  • Use Homeland Defense Grants Research. Use our links to find statistical, demographic and government data for your grant application. Go to Homeland Defense Grants Research »
  • Those who fail to prepare, should be prepared to fail.
  • Before a grant application period opens, gather information. Where could your department best use the money? How has a lack of funding affected your department's ability to respond, train and operate? What information and data would make your case stronger? Work on bits and pieces like this beforehand, and when the application period opens you'll be ready to roll.
  • Does your department have a DUNS number?
  • If not, stop reading and get a DUNS number now: As of Oct. 1, 2003, all Federal grantees MUST obtain a DUNS number, (a unique nine-character identification number provided by the commercial company Dun & Bradstreet). The Federal government uses the DUNS number to better identify related organizations that are receiving funding under grants and cooperative agreements, and to provide consistent name and address data for electronic grant applications. Additional information about DUNS numbers can be found on the Dun & Bradstreet web site. You can also apply by phone: (800) 333-0505. Apply well in advance of application periods because it may take 2 weeks or more to obtain the number.
  • Who said it?
  • If you quote a report, be sure to include the source information for the report. Reviewers and screeners will verify statistical data.
  • Tell the truth. Never inflate figures or under-report negative information. If you get caught, men with shiny bracelets will be waiting on your door step to take you on a vacation to Club Fed!

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