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What previous attendees said about our instructors

  • "I gained a great deal of knowledge in your seminar. I am actually able to bring something back and put it to use for a change. Thank you for all of your valuable information and guidance, as well as the continued support."
  • - Randal K. Schlauch, Chief of Police, Hallettsville, Texas

  • "I have attended multiple seminars and have been well satisfied. I have been able to obtain well over $500,000 in alternate funding for my fire district, including projects like a new station, apparatus, LDH, PPE and many others. Over a dozen lives have been saved in our community by using equipment and training funded by grants. Without this funding we most likely would have had to discontinue operations in several life- and property-saving service areas, as growth quickly outruns the tax revenue. I highly recommend attending a seminar, both for learning the basics for grant writing, but learning where to locate funding sources and proper presentation."
  • -Fire Chief Lee Jeffcoat, Holly Springs Volunteer Fire District, Spartanburg County S.C.

  • "I have been interested in getting into writing grants for several years, and when I began working for the Wake Forest Fire Department as their administrative assistant, I was offered the opportunity for getting some grant training. After the first day of the seminar I knew I was getting my money's worth. Excellent! Using a "no-nonsense, down-to-business" approach to their teaching, their presentation is intense, in-depth, down-to-earth and totally dedicated to helping the "ESO" organizations to get the needed equipment, personnel, etc., that we need to keep our communities protected. They teach all aspects of the grant-writing process, as well as provide precious "inside information," that will help you get what you need.The level of training is bar-none the best!"
  • - Jeannie Bogner, Administrative Assistant, Wake Forest Fire Department, N.C.

  • "I had spent several years researching grant writing and wading through numerous web sites about federal and state grants. I had also looked for affordable law enforcement-specific grant writing courses, to no avail. In two days, they taught what I had spent hundreds of hours learning on my own. They confirmed the knowledge I already had, and gave further information and insights on things I had not encountered yet. The information presented was appropriate for experienced and novice grant writers. The classroom materials are easy to read and understand, and I still use them as references when writing grants. The copies of successful grant applications distributed in class are invaluable tools to help students really understand what the grant providers are looking for."
  • - Sgt. J. C. Cervenka, Savage Police Department, Savage, MN

  • "Grant writing is like a business. Every successful business needs the appropriate tools and training to succeed. Kurt has not only given us the most appropriate tools and training, but the best tools and training available in the country. I use to wonder how many departments our grant applications would be competing against. Since attending the seminar, I now wonder how many of Kurt's students' grant applications we'll be competing against. The seminar and Kurt's continual support and services are exceptional and have allowed us to become more competitive in the grant application process."
  • - Assistant Chief Brian Weindel, Barling Fire Department, Barling, Arkansas

  • "Hazard Fire and Rescue started to pursue grants for our department in the year 2000. Prior to that we had just made do with what we were given. We attended Kurt’s seminar and have had excellent success since then. We have been awarded 78% of the grants that we applied for. The seminar presents the information to the students in a format that is easy to comprehend and easy to follow. The instructor emphasizes the points that the reviewers look for in successful grants. The seminar helps to point out a lot of little details that are easily overlooked and may make the difference in getting a grant or getting rejected. Kurt has answered many emails, and is great to return calls (usually within a few minutes). We feel so confident in this seminar, that we have attended additional seminars and have involved the city police department as well. The department made an excellent investment in our future by sending a member to this seminar. We invested less than $1,000 dollars, and to this point we have received a total of over $1.9 million dollars in grants altogether. To say the least, we are very happy with our investment. I would encourage any department to take advantage of this excellent training."
  • - Derrick Hall, Assistant Chief/Paramedic, Hazard Fire & Rescue, Kentucky

  • "Taking on the unwanted task of being the only grant writer for the department terrified me. This class is THE BEST class I have attended in my 12-year career. The step-by-step process was explained in detail with excellent handouts."
  • - Lt. Lisa Wylie, Benton Police, Arkansas

  • "Thanks for all of the help! I have used the education in grant-writing that you provide in multiple grant applications, and it has only contributed to our success. My Board of Trustees agreed with me that the fees for educational classes in grant-writing have been money well spent."
  • - Captain Terry Guthrie, Holmes Fire District #1, Ohio

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